Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky, Andrei Razin, Tatiana Komova, Arkady Pikunov "DOM.LIVE" (Jazzist, 2023) | Джазист

Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky,
Andrei Razin,
Tatiana Komova,
Arkady Pikunov
(Jazzist, 2023)

Гайворонский, Разин, Комова, Пикунов, DOM.LIVE

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“DOM.LIVE” is a live recording made in the DOM Cultural Center (Moscow). Initially, pianist Andrei Razin and trumpeter Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky were to perform as a duo but they decided to add Tatyana Komova (vocals) and Arkady Pikunov (saxophone, electronics) to the ensemble’s lineup. Razin and Guyvoronsky had played together many times but it was the first time that all four of them performed as a group. Moreover, Guyvoronsky and Pikunov got to know each other a few hours before the concert.

The sound turned out to be very multifaceted. The spirit of free jazz is obvious but “Night” gives in to funk, and echoes of tango are heard in “Tango”, although fans of Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla will only hear a melancholic mood of the genre: instead of following the tango form, Razin and Guyvoronsky bring out its essence, a meeting of lost souls.

The music gradually moves from darkness to light culminating in “Fish” (text by Joseph Brodsky) where many ideas articulated during the concert come together sounding in a new way.

“There’s a lot of spontaneous improvisation here,” says Andrey Razin. “But since Guyvoronsky and I are professional composers, what you hear is not a reckless improvisation for the sake of the process itself. The four of us were composing music in real time. There was a foretaste of form and content, a gradual stringing of ideas, and the disclosure of a common compositional thought. Tatiana Komova’s unique hearing of music and Arkady Pikunov’s electronic and saxophone magic enriched the musical palette and made a powerful contribution to the performance.”

1. Butterfly (Guyvoronsky, Razin, poem by Joseph Brodsky)
2. Night (Guyvoronsky, Razin, poem by Joseph Brodsky)
3. Tango (Guyvoronsky, Razin)
4. Birds (Razin, Komova, Guyvoronsky, Pikunov, poem by Nikolay Zabolotsky)
5. Atmospheres (Guyvoronsky, Pikunov)
6. Fairy Tale (Komova, Razin)
7. Fish (Guyvoronsky, poem by Joseph Brodsky)

Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky: trumpet, spoken word, vocals
Andrei Razin: piano, percussion, spoken word, vocals
Tatiana Komova: vocals, spoken word
Arkady Pikunov: saxophone, electronics

Recorded at the DOM Cultural Center, Moscow, in September 2022
Concert organized by Alexander Pantyushkov
Recorded by Maxim Khaikin
Mixed and mastered by Andrey Levin

Cover art by Jazzist

Poems “Zimnim vecherom na senovale”, “Noch. Kamera. Volchok…”, “Ryby zimoy” by Joseph Brodsky, and “Ptitsy” by Nikolay Zabolotsky

© Estate of Joseph Brodsky, 2023
© N. Zabolotskaya, I. Zabolotsky
Jazzist, 2023
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