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The Number Pi
“Four Corners”

The Number Pi, Four Corners

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The complex jazz fusion by The Number Pi is sharp, brazen and ironic. Their sound, which fills the entire spectrum of frequencies, reflects a desire to be noticed. Each of the band’s arrangements is a tour de force of power and well-pumped musical muscles. Their latest album, “Four Corners”, is a kaleidoscopic hodgepodge of sounds, timbres, rhythms, harmonies and influences. The Number Pi, being well aware of Czerny’s studies and Freud’s theories, are independent in their own right.

1. Mystery
2. Four Corners
3. I’m Better Than Art
4. Temptation
5. Anxiety
6. The Number Pi
7. On Tip Toe

Boris Ionov: drums
Dmitry Fomin: bass
Salman Abuev: trumpet
Egor Shamanin: tenor saxophone
Odei Al-Magut: trombone (7)
Albert Fokin: keyboards
Alexey Polubabkin: guitar
Veronika Shramko: voice (4, 5)

Music and arrangements by The Number Pi

Music consultant: Lev Trofimov

Recorded at Igor Matvienko Studio in 2017
Recording engineer, mixing, editing, mastering: Ilya Lukashev
Assistant: Sergey Ryabov
Sound design and synthesis: Denis Kudryashov

Thanks to Alexey Shubin for providing Wurlitzer and Rhodes, as well as for tuning the keyboards.

Design by Victor Melamed
Executive Producer: Araik Hakobyan

Jazzist, 2022
JZT 005

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