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“Live at FM Club”
(Jazzist, 2024)

Sunlight, Live at FM Club

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1. Intro
2. Sunlight
3. 24th of May
4. Sunlight Tröp
5. Long Island Ice Tea
6. Interlude I
7. Above the Clouds
8. Scaphandre
9. Interlude II
10. Vice City
11. Interlude III
12. Groove ’n’ Galaxy
13. On the Wave

Nikolay Moiseenko: alto sax
Evgeny Lebedev: keyboards
Yury Topchiy: guitar
Andrey Shilo: bass
Aleksey Kravtsov: drums

Featuring (10, 13):
Ovagem Sultanian: alto sax
Oleg Ostapchuk: tenor sax
Timur Nekrasov: tenor sax

Music and arrangements by Sunlight

Recorded live at FM Club, Moscow, February 2007
Sound engineer: Robert Boim
Mixed and mastered by Sohta Tsuchiya and Nikolay Moiseenko at Tao Studio, Boston 

Produced by Nikolay Moiseenko
Cover art by Jazzist

Jazzist, 2024
JZT 015

“Live at FM Club” was first released in 2007 by One Records as a CD. Now that disk is a collector’s item, but Jazzist has breathed new life into the album by releasing it digitally.

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