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Ilugdin Trio
“Live Sketches”

Ilugdin Trio, Live Sketches

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The good thing about pianist Dmitry Ilugdin and his partners is that each of their albums can be perceived on its own, as something unique in their entire history. These are not sequels or prequels. A listener can start getting acquainted with Ilugdin’s music from the latest work, “Live Sketches”, from the previous album, “My Story”, or even from the trio’s first recording, “Nikitsky Boulevard”. In any case, the style to which this ensemble dedicates itself unequivocally will be obvious. But only later, sorting through a more complete discography, the listener will realize the growing depth of detail and the musical frankness that becomes bolder with every new recording. “Live Sketches” can be described technically: a piano trio playing “European-jazz-meets-Russian-classical” music with Dmitry Ilugdin at the piano, Viktor Shestak on double bass, and Petr Ivshin on drums, the three of them being leading representatives of the modern Russian jazz scene. Such an explanation helps to get a quick understanding but perfection cannot be explained. It must be heard.

1. Immersion
2. Windows
3. The Sea Is There
4. Lockdown
5. Prelude No. 6

Dmitry Ilugdin: piano
Victor Shestak: bass
Petr Ivshin: drums

Music by Dmitry Ilugdin

Recorded by Alexey Belov at LiveBox multimedia pavilion
Assistant engineer: Andrey Kharitonov
Administrator: Angelina Mazanova

Mixed by Andrey Levin at Mosfilm Music Studios
Mastered by Anatoly Ryassov

Design by Victor Melamed
Concert manager: Olga Gorban
Executive producer: Araik Hakobyan

Thanks to Sergey Gromenko and Kawai Musical Instruments for providing the grand piano for the recording

Special thanks to Mikhail Klyukin

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