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Arkady Shilkloper
“New Hornology”
(Jazzist, 2024)

Аркадий Шилклопер, Arkady Shilkloper, New Hornology

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“How many jazz horn players do you know? Even the most experienced jazz fans are unlikely to remember more than two or three, but Arkady Shilkloper will probably be the first to come to mind. His album ‘Hornology’ (1996) continues to wow musicians, critics and listeners alike. And now, almost thirty years later, Arkady Shilkloper returns with a sequel, ‘New Hornology’. The new album is just as inventive, virtuosic and vibrant. Shilkloper effortlessly switches from horn to alpenhorn and kuhlohorn using a looper expertly. But the modal jazz of ‘Wupper,’ the cunning of ‘Cobra,’ the solemnity of ‘Chorale,’ the unrestrained dance of ‘Take Seven’ or the exploits of the noble knight from ‘Fairy Tales for Alexandra’ are much more than great music. ‘New Hornology’ is the creative and life experience of an extraordinary musician, concentrated in eight pieces.” (Lev Borovkov, co-founder of Jazzist)

1. Wupper
2. Blues on Seven
3. Edelweiss
4. Cobra
5. Chorale
6. Take Seven
7. Four Brothers
Bonus track:
8. Tales for Alexandra (String Version)

Arkady Shilkloper: horn, alphorn, kuhlohorn
Stanislav Malyshev: violin (8)
Inna Zilberman: violin (8)
Ksenia Zhuleva: viola (8)
Olga Kalinova: cello (8)

Music by Arkady Shilkloper
Arranged by Arkady Shilkloper except 6 (with Michael T. Otto) and 8 (string arrangement by Ksenia Akimova)

Recorded and mixed by Andrey Levin at Mosfilm Music Studios (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8), by Andrey Sinyaev at MMS Records (7) and by Valeri Tolstov (3)
Mastered by Andrey Levin

Cover art by Jazzist
Executive producer: Araik Hakobyan

“Chorale is dedicated to Hermann Baumann.

Arkady Shilkloper plays a horn by Engelbert Schmid, an alphorn by Gérald Pot and a kuhlohorn by Fritz Lüttke.

“My heartfelt thanks to Andrey Popov and Araik Hakobyan for their help in making this album happen.”
Arkady Shilkloper

Jazzist, 2024
JZT 014

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