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Tony Karapetyan Trio
Sebastian Studnitzky
“Point of View”

Tony Karapetyan Trio, Point of View

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Jazzist presents “Point of View” by Tony Karapetyan Trio featuring a special guest, German trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky. “Point of View” is the trio’s debut full-length album.

Music journalist Iouri Lnogradsky: “This piano trio is not a sum of three complex people but a band which really belongs to and follows the leader. That’s the most important thing about Karapetyan’s new album. Each of his partners (Petr Ivshin on drums, Yuri Barsukov on double bass and a special guest, trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky) has to choose a different place to engage in self-fulfillment because Tony just grabs them by the back of the neck and pulls them along. As a result, a small miracle happens: Tony Karapetyan brings together a band named after himself where everybody just sparkles with excitement. The more you listen to “Point of View”, the more you are imbued with Karapetyan’s simple message that is, in fact, quite difficult to implement: no need to yell. No need for tantrums. No need to rip your shirt open and expose your naked heart. No need to show off your high intelligence and outstanding knowledge of musical literature. Here’s the piano, here’s the bass, here’s the drum set. Let’s play.”

1. East-West
(Tony Karapetyan, Yuri Barsukov, Maxim Shadrin)
Plentiful spicy-flavoured East with all its ungovernable character and glossy cultured West interfere somewhere between the continents. What if the frontiers between them are blurred and only pretend to exist?

2. Apricot
You know that astonishing feeling of the foretaste of love and summer full of sunshine.

3. Long Way
(Karapetyan, Barsukov, Shadrin)
It takes you all the experience to find yourself where you are.

4. Winter
(Karapetyan, Barsukov, Shadrin)
Even the coldest winter is heartwarming with all its lights and waiting for a miracle.

5. 5×5
Sometimes your inner storm is even stronger than the storm outside. It’s astonishing how much a human soul can embrace.

6. Ani
What would you prefer when it’s time to decide? Give up and leave or stay? Keep silent or speak out? Find an easy way or move forward per aspera ad astra? No matter what you choose, you can’t do otherwise.
To my lovely Ani.

7. Musings
(Barsukov, Karapetyan)
Sometimes just one thought turns into an avalanche you can’t hide from. It’s here to overtake you… Just breathe. Time to think over every possibility and chance, to observe the slightest inner response. Then the peace reigns over you.

Tony Karapetyan: piano
Yuri Barsukov: double bass
Petr Ivshin: drums
Sebastian Studnitzky: trumpet (2, 3, 4, 5, 7)

Recorded in the Music Studio of the Nizhny Novgorod Governorate Orchestra
Sound engineer: Dmitry Kalyabin
Mixing and mastering by Robert Szydło

Design by Victor Melamed
Produced by Tony Karapetyan
Executive Producer: Araik Hakobyan

Jazzist, 2022
JZT 003

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