The Second Approach Trio "Tam, gde zhili sviristeli" (2022) | Джазист

The Second Approach Trio
“Tam, gde zhili sviristeli”

Трио «Второе приближение», Там, где жили свиристели

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The Second Approach Trio (piano, double bass, vocals) has always been an unusual team, forged and tempered to solve specific musical problems. Previously, their works would contain a lot of outright mischief or almost canonical renditions in different genres (be it jazz, avant-garde or classical), and the trio’s collaborators, including trombonist Roswell Rudd and saxophonist Alexey Kruglov, were proponents for a certain way of creating music. However, left alone with the texts of Russian poet Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922), the Second Approach Trio seem to have limited themselves to the goal of conforming to his spirit. This limitation distills the music, making it pass through a very appropriate mood filter.

“Where the Warbling Waxwings Sheltered”
Suite on verses of Velimir Khlebnikov

1. Kogda nad polem zeleneyet…
2. Tam, gde zhili sviristeli
3. Vremyshi-kamyshi
4. Barynka

Andrei Razin: piano, voice, percussion
Tatiana Komova: vocals, ocarina, percussion, spoken word
Igor Ivanushkin: double bass, percussion

Composed and arranged by Andrei Razin
The Russian folk song “A v Andreyevom domiku” was used in “Barynka” 

Recorded by Oleg Timofeyev at CineLab Studio, Moscow, in September 2021
Edited and mixed by Andrey Levin
Mastered by Anatoly Ryassov

Design by Victor Melamed
Executive producer: Araik Hakobyan

Jazzist, 2022
JZT 006

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